Switch to Presentation Mode

I think I'm a show-off person, and usually do presentations to my friends. In this post I mentioned it's cool to make slide with dark theme or something, but sometimes it won't be clear enough while putting on projector, and I have to change various settings everytime, that looks not cool and not professional at all.

Thanks for Mike Skalnik, I stole this idea from his Vim config :)

I recorded this video to demonstrate how it looks like. (You might need to change the video to higher resolution if you wanna know what I typed.)

Just press <leader>z, I can toggle between working mode and presentation mode in a second.

It's actually not a very big deal, you can check the source code to see how to do it. Althought it only works on GUI version Vim (cause I don't know how to modify font size in terminal version Vim programmatically), but still quite convenient for myself.

I'm really SHOW-OFF, huh? :)