My Vimrc

About 3 months ago, I've mentioned I started to use Vim as my primary editor, and now I can only open Vim and Xcode in my daily job(my primary job is coding with Ruby and Rails, and Objective-C is just for fun).

Here is my current vim configuration, feel free to use it, and welcome to give me your suggestion(or criticism). I took some screenshots of my computer and laptop:

MacVim, on iMac with Mac OS X Lion:

Non-GUI Vim, on iMac with Mac OS X Lion:

Ubuntu 11.10:

the icons and fonts of the bottom are pretty nice, right? you can check on this, or download from here, and unzip them to ~/.font.

Windows XP, Vim on Windows? I know.. but it's still working, right?

Keep polishing

Vim is a pretty awesome and interesting editor, hope can keep polishing it in my daily jobs :)