Some Vim Tips and Learning Resources

I'm still pretty new to Vim and keep practicing Vim everyday, and also started to learn some VimScript by myself, I found some nice learning resources and some easy but AWESOME key combinations.

Learning Resources


Books and Articles



Some crazy/stupid things

I use Vim almost everyday now, but to be more sophisticated in it, I did some stupid or crazy things.

First, I removed my ESC key from my keyboard temporarily to force myself using Ctrl [, instead of hitting Esc to enter normal mode:

Why? actually there's no good reason, just thought it might keep my fingers on main typing area in mode switching.

and second, I re-map the arrow keys to <NOP> to disable them, both in normal mode and insert mode:

map <UP> <NOP>
map <DOWN> <NOP>
map <LEFT> <NOP>
map <RIGHT> <NOP>
inoremap <UP> <NOP>
inoremap <DOWN> <NOP>
inoremap <LEFT> <NOP>
inoremap <RIGHt> <NOP>

You may think I'm crazy, but I think it's a faster way to push those things into my muscle memory. I think there's no shortcut to master Vim, just keep using it everyday.

At last, here is my yet another vimrc configuration. If you have any other tips which are also AWESOME, please let me know :)